Presto can send you email notifications or text notifications (US and Canada only) when a new evaluation is completed (in CSAT) or a new shop is reviewed and accepted (in Insta-Shops). To set up notifications, follow these steps:

  1. If you have multiple companies, use the company/survey selector on the nav bar to select the company that you want to receive notifications for. Then click Home
  2. Click Notifications next to the survey that you want to receive notifications for:

  3. To receive email notifications, click Subscribe next to your email address.   NOTE: You can only subscribe to email notifications if your email address has been verified. 

    You can also set a high score threshold and/or a low score threshold for your notifications. If thresholds are set, you will only receive notifications that score at least the high score threshold OR at most the low score threshold (in this example, at least 90% or at most 50%). 

  4. To receive text notifications (US and Canada only), enter your mobile phone number and click Send Code

  5.  When the code is received, enter it in the box and click Verify and Subscribe.  

Once you have entered the code to verify, you can also set high and low score thresholds for text messages:

You only need to verify your phone number once -- after that, you will be able to receive notifications for any survey by just clicking Subscribe. 

Once notifications have been set up, whenever a new evaluation is submitted (in CSAT) or a shop is accepted (in Insta-Shops), you will receive an email or text message with a link to view the evaluation: