If you entered your answer options in the wrong order, you can change them by dragging the answer options. Click between the answer option text and the score, and drag the answer option to its new position in the list:

You can also use reordering to add a new answer option in the middle of a list. In the example shown below, we want to add "Very good" to the list of answer options. To do this, just type the new answer option at the end of the list...

...and drag it to wherever you want it to go.

Why can't I just type in the answer text I want in the place that I want?

You can, but you shouldn't -- not if you already have evaluation data. If you have already collected evaluations, simply typing new text in the answer options will corrupt your response data. The answer text is just a label that can be replaced with anything, but this doesn't affect the data. Thjus, in the previous example, if you typed "Poor" in place of the answer option that previously said "Excellent", all the previous evaluations that had the answer "Excellent" would now show as "Poor". To preserve the integrity of existing response data, you MUST drag answer options to reorder them, rather than simply retyping them!