Sections are used to categorize questions into areas that you want to evaluate. Sections don't show when an evaluator is taking the survey; instead they are used by Presto Reports to show your survey's performance in areas that are of interest to you. Some examples of useful sections are:

  • Interior and Exterior: if you want to evaluate the state and appearance of the exterior of your business (parking lot, lighting, exterior signage, trash bins, etc.) and the interior of your business (stock on shelves, interior signage, trash on floor, boxes in aisles, etc.) 
  • Service and Food Quality: allows you to evaluate two different aspects of the customer's experience, the service they received from your staff and the quality of the food they were served. 
  • Service Desk and Checkout: allows you to evaluate the performance of your staff in two different areas. 

You can have as many sections as you want, and assign a question to more than one section.

How do I add a section to a survey?

How do I add a question to a section?

Sectional data shows up in the following reports: