Mappable and non-mappable targets are a special Presto concept that allows you to evaluate anything at all: a restaurant, a department of a store, an employee, a bus route, a telephone support line, a website -- you name it! In Presto, we divide targets into "mappable" targets, which have a fixed physical location that can be located on a map, and "non-mappable" targets, which may move around.

Mappable targets use Presto's geolocation service, which can provide additional information for evaluators who are trying to fill out your surveys. Examples of a mappable target are:

  • A store or restaurant 
  • A kiosk, stall, pushcart or food truck that is always in the same location 

Non-mappable targets are anything that you want to evaluate that doesn't have a permanent physical address. Examples of a non-mappable target are:

  • A food truck that is in a different location every day 
  • A website 
  • A helpdesk (telephone or web) 
  • An employee who works in different departments 
  • A product (for example, imagine that you want your customers to evaluate different items on your menu and see how they compare) 

How do I add targets?