Welcome to Presto Logic! This article teaches you how to use Presto Logic with a few simple examples. We'll also provide you with references to the complete set of triggers and actions, and also a cookbook of advanced topics. Read on and try it out for yourself!

Simple example: how Presto Logic works 

To add Presto Logic to a survey, go to the Survey Builder and click the Presto Logic tab:

Presto Logic consists of rules that tell Presto what to do when certain conditions (called triggers) are met. The easiest way to remember is to look at the headers on the Presto Logic interface:

WHEN the conditions on the left are met, DO the actions on the right. 

Let's start with a simple example. Suppose your survey contained the following two questions:

You can use Presto Logic to show the second question ONLY when the first question has been answered "Other". Here's how:

  1. In the Survey Builder, click Presto Logic.
  2. Click Add Rule. A rule is a set of conditions and actions that all work together.  

  3.  Under WHEN, click Add Question Trigger.

    If you do not specify a trigger (question or location/target), the actions in this rule will always happen, no matter what. In most cases, you want to set conditions, so you will choose Add Question Trigger or Add Target/Location Trigger.

  4. In the - Select Question - drop-down, select the first question from the example above, then check the box next to Other.

    For multichoice questions, you can specify one or more answers to trigger the rule.  If you do not select any, the rule will trigger  whenever the question has been answered.

  5. Under DO, click Add Question Action.   
  6. In the - Select Question - drop-down, select the second question in the example above.   
  7. In the - Select Action - drop-down, select Show the question.

    Your Presto Logic rule is now complete! Let's check to make sure it works:

  8. Click the checkmark in the Presto Logic popup, and then click Save in the Survey Builder to save your changes.  
  9. You can now see your Presto Logic in action -- just click Preview

Beyond the Basics: multiple triggers, multiple actions 

So much for our simple example!  In real life, sometimes things are more complicated.  You may want to trigger a rule based on any (or all) of several different conditions -- or you may want to perform multiple actions based on the same set of triggers.  

Suppose we have a customer satisfaction survey that asks the customer to evaluate service, value and food quality.  If any of these receives a negative review, we'd like to ask the customer for more information, and give them the opportunity to ask to be contacted by a manager.  To start with, here's our survey:

We would like to ask the customer for more feedback if any of the first three questions had a negative rating.  To do this, we make a Presto Logic rule with three triggers, simply by clicking Add question trigger three times and selecting the questions and responses that we want the rule to trigger on:

If you select multiple triggers in a Presto Logic rule, by default, the rule will trigger if any of the conditions are true.  You can use the drop-down at the top to change the rule to only trigger if all conditions are true. 

Next, we want the rule to show two questions.  To do this, we add add our first question action to show the first question, and then click Add Question Action again to show a second question:

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