Besides question-based triggers ("if this question is answered such-and-such, do this thing"), Presto Logic can also use target groups as triggers. Here's how it works:

  1. In the Survey Builder, open the Presto Logic settings and add a new rule. 
  2. In the trigger drop-down, select Add Target Group Trigger
  3.  Select the target group for this trigger from the drop-down and specify whether the target is or is not in the group to trigger: 
  4.  Add the action(s) to take when the trigger happens: 

As a result of this rule, the "Did the deli offer samples?" question will only be shown for targets that are part of the "Stores with Deli" group. 

Oh yeah -- just as with question triggers, you can combine target group triggers in the same rule. This means that you can create rules for more complicated scenarios. Check out our Presto Logic Patterns articles for examples!