The word "other" may be the most powerful word in the world of surveys. It lets you avoid long lists of answer options, while still allowing the full range of possible responses.

Obviously, if you add an "Other" option, you want to include a followup question that allows an open-ended response -- but you only want this question to show if "Other" was selected in the previous question.

Step 1: Survey Questions

First, create the two survey questions. The first question is a multiple choice question, with "Other" as the last answer option. The second question is a text question.

Step 2: Presto Logic

Once you have created the survey, click Save and then click the Presto Logic tab at the top of the Survey Builder screen. This brings up the Presto Logic interface.

New to the Presto Logic interface? You can learn about all the controls and options in our other Presto Logic knowledge base articles!

Add a rule as follows:

WHEN: add a trigger when "What was your main reason for choosing our store?" was answered "Other"

DO: add an action to show the question "If 'other', what was your main reason for choosing our store?". Optionally, add a second action to make the question required.

When you are finished, click the check mark to close the Presto Logic window, and click Save again to save your survey and its Presto Logic.

NOTE: in Presto Logic, when you specify that a trigger (conditions) should cause certain actions, the opposite happens when the conditions aren't met. In this case, the followon question is only shown and required if the first question is answered "Other". In all other cases, it is hidden and not required.

Your survey now looks like this: