To create a survey, go to Setup -> Companies and Surveys.  Locate the company where you want to create the survey (or click Add a new company if necessary) and click Add Survey.

This takes you to the Survey Quickstart screen, where you can start with a blank survey form, or use one of our survey templates.  If you already have surveys, you can also copy one of them to use as a starting point.

Next, you'll be taken to the Survey Builder.  If you're creating your first survey, try some of the basics first -- you can always change it later!

  • To change the survey name, click on the survey name and type the name that you want to use.
  • The first question is the official shop date question:
    • Click the pencil to change the question text
    • Uncheck the checkbox to not display this question

You can add more date questions to your survey, but they do not have any special meaning and cannot function as the official shop date question.

  • To add a question, click Add Question. You can add a new question above or below any Presto question.
    1. The edit pane on the left allows you to edit the question text and answer option text, change the question type, and select question options.  
    2. The default question type is Multiple Choice, but you can select other question types from the drop-down menu.  For a full list of question types, see our helpdesk article.
    3. You can add more answer options to a Multiple Choice question by tabbing or clicking the green + icon, and you can remove answer options by clicking the red x to the right.  You can also reorder answer options, by grabbing between the answer option text and the score and dragging the answer option to the desired position.  
    4. Multiple choice questions have two more options: Allow Multiple Responses (for multi-check or multi-select questions), Display as (checkboxes/radio buttons, dropdown or slider).
    5. In Presto CSAT (shown in this example) questions are not required by default.  In Presto Insta-Shops, questions are required by default.
    6. The answer options to multiple choice questions are scored and can be individually designated as N/A.
    7. A question can be added to one or more sections.  You can either add the question to an existing section or create a new section in the edit pane.  

      Sectional scoring is displayed in several Presto reports, including the Survey DashboardCompany DashboardSection Dashboard, Trending Dashboard,  Target Summary Report and Target Detail Report.

    8. If you have a series of questions with similar settings (for example, same answer options and scoring), you can save yourself some work by creating one question the way you want and then copy the question.

  • To move a question, click on the question in the main pane (at the top center of the question) and drag it to where you want it to appear.

  • To delete a question, click the x icon at the upper right of the question box.

  • To see how your survey looks, W click Save  to save your changes and  Preview.  This opens a mobile preview window:

You can use the Preview to test your survey (especially if you are using Presto Logic) and see how it will look to an end user.  You can also share the URL in the Preview window with your client to review the form.  

The Preview link is for review purposes only!  No data is ever saved by the Preview window, so make sure your client understands that it CANNOT be used to collect data.