The QR codes in Presto aren't static - they're created on request by our QR code generator.  If you need to distribute all the QR codes for your CSAT survey, but you don't want to save each QR code image individually, you can add a column to the exported spreadsheet (from the individual links page) that links to the QR generator for that survey link.  Clicking this link gives you a QR code for that location.  To do this, export the links from the individual links page and add a column that concatenates:

  • The string ""
  • The survey ID (get this from the nav bar when the survey is selected).  In the example below, the survey ID is 1626 - yours will be different.
  • The string "/target/"
  • The target ID (select the second column from the spreadsheet that contains the target ID)
  • The string ""&size=300" (or whatever size you want the QR code to be, up to 540 px).

In the example below, the formula used for the link shown in cell D2 is =CONCATENATE("", 1626, "/target/", B2, "&size=300").  Then this formula is just copied to the remaining rows of the spreadsheet.  Clicking a link opens a browser window or tab and generates the QR code associated with that link: