Want to learn more about Presto Logic, but don't know where to start?  The Presto Logic Bootcamp is for you!  These short videos take you from "What's Presto Logic?" to "Look at my fancy, goof-proof survey!".  Watch the videos, learn how to solve common problems and avoid gotchas, and you'll be a Presto Logic expert in no time!

Session 1: Showing questions only when needed

Many surveys have some questions that shouldn't be answered in some cases.  For example, does your survey have a question with "other" as an answer option?  If the evaluator answers "other", would you like them to provide additional information -- but you don't want that question answered otherwise?  In Session 1 you'll learn how to show questions selectively, depending on the responses to other questions.  

Session 2: Error-proofing

Selectively showing questions is a great tool -- but if the evaluator makes a mistake, you can still get responses that shouldn't be there.  In Session 2 you'll learn how to make rules to correct these errors automatically.

Session 3: Mutually exclusive answers

It's common for multichoice questions to have answers that are logically mutually exclusive: for example, a question that has answer option A, answer option B, answer option C, and "none of the above".  In session 3 you'll learn how to make Presto Logic rules to eliminate mutually exclusive answers.

Session 4: Location group triggers

So far we've learned about how to create rules based on the responses to other questions.  Presto Logic also lets you create rules based on whether the location belongs to a particular location group - a useful feature if you have questions or answer options that you only want to show to the shopper at certain locations!

Session 5: Multiple triggers

Sometimes the conditions you want to trigger on are complicated: for example, if the shop is at a certain location AND a question has a specific response.  In Session 5, you'll learn how to use multiple triggers in a Presto Logic rule, and see how to create rules that trigger on any triggers or all triggers.

Session 6: Logic in layers

Sometimes you only want to reveal your survey a bit at a time -- particularly for CSAT surveys.  In situations like this, the best way to design your Presto Logic rules is by using "logic in layers".  Learn how in this video!

Do you have more Presto Logic questions or topics you'd like us to cover?  Contact our support staff at support@prestomobilesurveys.com!