To get links and QR codes, select your survey from the drop-down at the top of the screen, then go to Setup -> Links.

On the survey links page, you can choose different options depending on how you want to share links and QR codes with evaluators, and what surveys you want to give them access to. Select the options you want, and the links are displayed below.

On the Show All Options page, you have additional choices.  Here, you can get links that will let your users select from any of your targets, choose from multiple surveys, etc.

What do all the Get Links options mean?

Once you've decided what kind of links you want, you can choose either web links or QR codes:

If you want to get a link (URL), click the Copy link.  This copies the URL to your clipboard.  You can then paste it into an email, web page, or anywhere else that you want to advertise it.

The links are long - can I shorten them?

If you want to get a QR code, click the QR code link to the right of the URL. This opens a window where you can choose the size of QR code you want to generate: