"Add many" targets/locations: now with UPDATE and deactivate!

Presto's "Add many targets/locations" feature now lets you update existing locations, and indicate what locations are active/inactive.  Updates can include the location name, address, location group or whether it's active/inactive -- everything but the location/target iD!

A new drop-down option lets you specify a status column.  A value of 1 or "inactive" indicates that the target should be inactivate; any other value (or none) indicates that it should be active:


The importer checks for matching target IDs.  If it finds them, it asks whether the existing targets should be updated with the new information.  You can also specify what target groups the updated targets should belong to:

  • Whatever groups they belong to currently, PLUS any new groups specified in this import (default) OR
  • ONLY the groups specified in this import


For more information on adding many targets, see our helpdesk article

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